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Thomas36 11th August 2012 19:20

DVD playing problem
Hello everyone,
I am using Fedora 14 -64bit. I have a DVD recording of a Video which is about 'art'. (not musical). This will not play in 'Movie Player'. The message I get says Codecs required -
"Windows media video 9 decoder" and "Gstreamer streaming media framework "BAD" ".
I was also informed that the following Plugins were required - "mpeg-2 video decoder" and "dvd ac-3 (atsc a/52) decoder". In each case I had the option to immediately search for these which of course I did and the answer came back saying that the codecs/plugins were already installed.
Can anyone throw any light on this problem?
Thank you.
My son, who uses 'Windows' had the same problem and downloaded 'VLC MEDIA PLAYER', this solved the problem. I have tried to download the program from rpm fusion but keep getting the message "SYSTEM.RELEASE>=18" . Once more I am lost. My current program is 'Movie Player,' Can someone please help me to download vlc media player or even something similar.
Thank you all in advance

falko 12th August 2012 13:58

Can you try chapters 11 and 12 from ?

Thomas36 12th August 2012 18:58

Thank you for your reply. I tried your suggestions; unfortunately the reply each time was "failed". I am posting another query appertaing to the same problem.

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