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concept21 9th August 2012 22:03

Will there be international languages support?
If ISPConfig3 control panel user interface can support multi-languages, our client volume will get bigger. It is a trend for e-commerce in 21st century.

Is there any plan for international language support? Better be a module form like whmcs. :rolleyes:

till 10th August 2012 09:35

What do you mean ith international language support? ISPConfig supports already 23 languages and you can add any other language that you want, just translate the langauge files.

whmcs is a external billing system and not a language editor. There is a billing system available for ispconfig and ispconfig has a integrated langage editor.

concept21 19th August 2012 18:46

I have forgot there are multi-languages built inside ispconfig3. :D

I plan to translate ISPConfig3 to Chinese. Which built-in files should I tranlate? :rolleyes:

till 19th August 2012 18:51

The translation instructions are in the faq:

vol4 22nd August 2012 22:25

I have small question. I will translate not-translated text to Russian and can't find menu text:
Folder Protect
- Folder
- Folder users

and many more. Where i can find it?

till 23rd August 2012 10:13

The strings are missing in the current stable version, this has been fixed already in svn. You can add them manually in the file /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/lib/lang/ru.lng

vol4 23rd August 2012 10:31

So, thanks! I will check svn.

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