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linuxfast 16th September 2005 15:17

Forum for ISPconfig tips/tricks/mods ?
It would be useful if there was a subforum to post tips/tricks/mods/experiences/workaround etc
There's been quite a number of times whereby I have solved a few problems with the way ISPConfig works for me when I have thought that the information may be useful to others.
As the forums stand, they appear to be for question asking primarily.
Anyone agree with this ?

falko 16th September 2005 16:22

Good idea! :) I've just created a Tips/Tricks/Mods forum for ISPConfig - so everyone's invited to share tips and tricks! :) :)

linuxfast 16th September 2005 16:23

Thats great. Just got to remember them all now !
Time to rebuild again lol

domino 21st September 2005 07:33

Good idea! Now I canlearn from your gurus :cool:

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