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skoena 6th August 2012 12:25

Shell user Node
I installed a javascript library as root. How to make it available for a shell user under ispconfig?

When I login as the created shell user I get:

bash: node: command not found

till 6th August 2012 12:33

When your shell users are jailed (as it should be), then you have to place a copy of that script into the corresponding directory of each jail to make it accessible by the shell user.

skoena 6th August 2012 13:24

Tnx for your answer.
But not clear (yet) for me as a basic linux user how to get this script copied to which folder?

As root I have this files and folders:


AUTHORS CMakeLists.txt doc node TODO
benchmark config.h.cmake lib README.cmake TODO.win32
build configure LICENSE tools
ChangeLog CTestConfig.cmake Makefile src wscript
cmake deps Makefile.cmake test
Should I copy them all to the /bin folder of the shell user?
What's the best way to get it copied?

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