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Davide 26th July 2006 20:00

Unlimited disk space reseller

A client of mine has an "strange" plan.

He has a fixed disk space and a fixed traffic, and unlimited clients, sites and domains.
It doesn't matter to me how many space he gives to her sites. I only need to know how many traffic and space he is *really* using.

I cannot imagine how to recreate this scenario with ISPconfig.

I tried to give him unlimited space, but if he gives unlimited space "-1" to any site, ispconfig tells me reseller is using "-1 MB"!!!

If he limits a site to 200 MB, ISPConfig tells me that he is using 200 MB (which is not true)

If I limit his space, he cannot give unlimited space to a site, nor put limits beyond assigned space (it doesn't necessary means that he is using more space than the limit!)

Is it possible to know how many space is *really* using a reseller instead of the space he has assigned?

Thank you very much!

fobicodam 26th July 2006 20:26

No, the same thing you dont know how many space YOU are really using.

Davide 26th July 2006 20:42

Yes, you're true, but I can see how many space is really using a site.

I think it'd be very useful to know how many space are using all sites of a reseller, the same as you can see the traffic of all his sites.

fobicodam 26th July 2006 21:05

Well, you can do the same thing with your resellers account, open every reseller's client website.

falko 27th July 2006 14:44

You could use the du command to check the used space.

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