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poolet 24th July 2012 23:48


After I pointed my domain account on my hostname/server(with ispconfig),
I made a mistake and I add a single static ip address, now ispconfig is
running as monitor mode on localhost, and I can't get the GUI(control panel)
of ispconfig or phpmyadmin. Generally I need to get access on phpmyadmin
to configure tables, and for ispconfig to stop/configure services..

Thank you in advance..!!

till 25th July 2012 08:25

The monitor is always on localhost and localhost is available on every server, it does not matter how many other IP addresses you add and the monitor is not related to logging in to ispconfig. So you might mix up here several things. Please post the exact error messages that you get when you access ispconfig.

poolet 25th July 2012 12:18

hey thanks for replying back...

The bad thing here is that I don't get any error message...
For example, when I am trying to reach the control panel of
ispconfig or either phpmyadmin my server is re-forwarding the
ip address on domain name... To be more clear, the specific address was
the control panel (login) of ispconfig (before pointed into my domain),
When I pointed my domain at the same ip address
when I click on that address, automatically re-forwarded on my
domain name, The same for phpmyadmin.

falko 26th July 2012 13:09

How exactly did you set up the forward?

poolet 26th July 2012 16:57

When I was rent my domain I didn't take it with host so, I had take the static ip address of my server and pointed on my domain as A-address, and where MX is the dns name server of my domain, the point here is that ispconfig was running on that ip address.. with other words may I need to rebuild the whole system or just to add a new static ip address to be able to reach, control panel via web interfaces. (If I am right of course!!! )

poolet 29th July 2012 01:24

?? anyone guys ??

falko 29th July 2012 13:18

As long as you use an A record with the correct IP, everything should be fine.

poolet 29th July 2012 14:10


Originally Posted by falko (Post 282927)
As long as you use an A record with the correct IP, everything should be fine.

Thanks for answering, but doesn't make sense.. I have already used A record with correct ip address :-/ check the image below::

falko 30th July 2012 10:47

And when you use, you don't get the ISPConfig login screen?

poolet 30th July 2012 13:37

Nothing, Seems that ports are close or something, At the beginning I had manage


-A INPUT -s -i eth0 -p tcp -m --dport 8080 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT

-A OUTPUT -s -o eth0 -p tcp --sport 8080 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT

to be able to see ispconfig only from my external ip address and drop the port to any others,
that doesn't work for me, seems that iptable drop 8080 port in all external reach, so I comment out the above lines in iptables and replaced them with


-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT
Now seems that port 8080 works fine and it's open since when I try to reach the address I get error 400 Bad request "The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port" that's correct since I configure nginx and ispconfig to respond only with https;// the strange here is that, If I try to reach automatically redirects back to seems that ispconfig have mandated to redirects the request of login screen back to the current web site... To be honest, I didn't try to change
anything on ispconfig when I was able to login, I just change the default password and that's all!!

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