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Anand_47 21st July 2012 18:29

suphp not working
I am trying to compile lamp server with suphp. I installed all of it and i am getting php info page with normal apache handler but when i try to use suphp i am getting errors with cannot open shared object no such file or directory i am using mysql 5.5 php 5.4 and apache 2.2 . I installed sql server in /sql directory .i can see /sql/lib/ .But why it is not working :( .Anyone please help me out thanx :)

TiTex 21st July 2012 19:18

probably can't find the lib because it's not in the standard location like /lib/ or /usr/lib/
you should create a symlink for the library in one of this dirs usally /usr/lib/ or /usr/lib/mysql/


for file in $(ls /sql/lib/ | grep; do ln -s /sql/lib/$file /usr/lib/$file; done

Anand_47 22nd July 2012 16:41

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I did the same thing but its not working i created symbolic links to /usr/lib/mysql
in the directory and some other files present .But still I am getting errors..Check my error log screen shots Thanks for quick replay.. :) :confused:

TiTex 22nd July 2012 16:58

what linux distribution are you using ?
is it a 32bit or 64bit distribution ?
can you also post the link for the howto you followed ?
also what is the output of ls -l /usr/lib/ | grep && ls -l /usr/lib/mysql

Anand_47 23rd July 2012 12:07

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Yes here it is i am using cenos 6 32-bit edition i listed /usr/lib but i didnt get any output probably nothing in there here m posting my /usr/lib/mysql and /sql/lib directory thanks for your posts bro.. :)

TiTex 23rd July 2012 12:15

run these commands as i posted them one by one, just copy/paste in a ssh terminal

rm -f /usr/lib/mysql/
rm -f /usr/lib/mysql/
rm -f /usr/lib/mysql/
for file in $(ls /sql/lib/ | grep; do ln -s /sql/lib/$file /usr/lib/mysql/$file; done

and try again after that , if still not working post again the content of

ls -l /usr/lib/mysql

Anand_47 24th July 2012 11:43

suphp not working
I am still getting same error i think my os damaged have to reinstall or something
i was getting same error when i try to install fastcgi also.linux sometimes so hard like this unknown things sorry for my bad english thanks for your support

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