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basz 18th July 2012 16:41

ISPConfig default apache ports

I've got varnish in front of apache which work fine. That is until I change some setting for that vhost within ISPconfig. The port numbers are the overwritten 80. At that point the particular site is unavailable.

My question: Does have ispconfig have a setting for this somewhere. A vhost template perhaps... I can't seem to find it...

thx a million

till 18th July 2012 16:59

All config templates are in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/ and there you find also the vhost template.

basz 18th July 2012 17:24


two questions
should i modify those templates directly or should i put modifications in ./conf-custom/ which override those in ./conf/ ?

These templates use template variables. Can I change those values? Or should I hardcode them into the template?

till 18th July 2012 17:56

Modifications should be saved in conf-custom. If a variable is available in the interface, then you can change it in the interface. If a variable is computed by the plugin and not available in the interface, then you have to set the value hardcoded.

neodg 3rd October 2012 17:53

Hi Till!

Can you say me where i can change the standard port in den Template from 80 to 81?

My setup have nginx as frontend and apache as backend...

dolito 26th June 2013 20:37

Hey guys,

I'm not 1000% sure but I think as long as you will find code like this:

PHP Code:

                 $tmp_vhost_arr = array('ip_address' => $data['new']['ip_address'], 'ssl_enabled' => 0'port' => 80); 

in file /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-available/ on line 1317,1358,1475,1484 and 1330,.. (for ssl)

I think you have to replace all "{tmpl_var name='port'}" with e.g. "81" in the templates. But why the vars there if ports are still hardcoded??

Would make life way much easier, if you could configure these 2 ports in the web-interface ... just a few changes ..

After I changed these (on my local test system) in the plugin-file to 81 my templates got written like I want. Without any changes in some templates.


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