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nenad 3rd July 2012 10:04

Perfect Lenny behind proxy

I set up Perfect Server Debian Lenny with ISPConfig, and it worked fine, then I had to move it on another network which is behind PROXY, so I wonder if there is some way to set up proxy sistem-wide in some config file?

Please help, it's quite urgent.

Thank you.

falko 4th July 2012 15:48

nenad 4th July 2012 16:23

I found those instructions


2 - Configure the proxy settings in the .bashrc
If you want set the proxy for all the users you can do it in the system wide .bashrc file.
nano /etc/bash.bashrc

#proxy settings

But it doesn't survive reboot?

I will try your solution.

nenad 4th July 2012 16:43

Your solution WORKS! It survives reboot, you saved my day, thank you :) :)

nenad 15th October 2012 14:12

Just in case that website on the link someday goes offline, I'll post here a solution:


Set http_proxy shell variable

Type the following command to set proxy server:

$ export http_proxy=http://server-ip:port/
$ export http_proxy=
$ export http_proxy=
How do I setup proxy variable for all users?

To setup the proxy environment variable as a global variable, open /etc/profile file:
# vi /etc/profile
Add the following information:
export http_proxy=
Save and close the file.
So here is what I added in /etc/profile


export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=
export ftp_proxy=

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