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simplyit 25th June 2012 23:36

own nginx.vhost plugin
Hi, I need to write a few lines in php to create own nginx proxy vhosts, but I don't know how to start and how to plug it into ispconfig can anybody help me a bit, or tell whre and how to connect scripts?

I need to make simple vhosts based on nginx vhost, nginx proxy plugin does not work so I need to make my life easier and make spare vhost autimatically

till 27th June 2012 11:17

ISPConfig is event based, so you can attach as many plugins to a event like the website insert event as you like. Please take a look at the existing nginx and apache plugin to see how the event binding works. To activate a plugin, create a symlink in the plugins-enabled folder that points to your plugin file in the plugins-available folder.

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