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zdenek_vz800 21st June 2012 01:49

email copy to 2 users
In your mailbox's "send copy to" - is sometimes set more than one recipient to send copies?

falko 21st June 2012 20:29

I don't think this will work, but can't tell for sure right now...

cfoe 21st June 2012 22:04

You could try to create a forward email address and the two addresses as destinations.
Then set "send copy to" to the "forward email address"

till 21st June 2012 22:35

Or you add two or more of these filter rules in the custom filter field of the mailbox:

zdenek_vz800 22nd June 2012 20:57

worked in the previous version:

cc '! info@example.tld'

but this does not work now

till 24th June 2012 17:34

This works in the current version at well, you just have a typo in your example.


cc '! info@example.tld'


cc '!info@example.tld'

zdenek_vz800 24th June 2012 20:53


cc '!info@example.tld'

does not work :-(

till 25th June 2012 09:26

And you arereally sure that you have courier imap installed and not Dovecot imap?

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