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cfoe 17th June 2012 18:14

Change async html loading method (maybe 3.0.6)
Hi guys,

even before the 3.0.5 release I would like your input on this.
As you know "back" and "forward" is not possible within ISPConfig. "There's an app for this" is not right here but there seams to be a way.

Look at Facebook. You see that most content is loaded by ajax requests and changes the url in the browser window. It allows the user to use "back" and "forward".
It would be a major change to the mechanics of the frontend but I think it might be a good point for the next major release.

Just wanted to start the discussion here before clogging up the bugtracker feature requests

till 18th June 2012 10:07

We can consider this for 3.0.6 if there is someone who wants to implement and contribute the code. 3.0.5 will be released soon, so no bigger changes will go into that release anymore.

cfoe 18th June 2012 10:30

I was trying to do some research on the subject but I just did not get the right terms to find any fitting sources.
What search terms could land me some results?

Croydon 18th June 2012 11:22

There is a hashchange event in modern browsers:

jQuery does support it I think. I don't know about yui, but I think it should.

till 18th June 2012 11:25

ISPConfig uses Jquery, Yui has been removed in 3.0.4.

cfoe 18th June 2012 11:26

That is not quiet what I was thinking about.

I am looking for real url changes while asynchronously loading content

Croydon 18th June 2012 11:40

As far as I can see facebook does not load the main page via ajax requests.
When you click a link a new html page is loaded which then calls different ajax requests to load the contents into the page.

cfoe 18th June 2012 11:50

the content of the facebook-dashboard is loaded asynchronously e.g. friends, messages and groups.

Lets drop the facebook example. I know what I suggested is possible because I have seen it and read an article about it. I just can't remember where.

I will look into jQuery. Surely there will be enough content about it.

I will keep you in the loop about my findings and if I am up for the task of implementing it for 3.0.6 or maybe even earlier.

One more question about jQuery. Is the included .js-file untouched? I would like to use the google hosted jquery library because I like me some cdn power where ever I can ;_)

till 18th June 2012 12:16


One more question about jQuery. Is the included .js-file untouched?
Yes, its the default one. We have not used the google version as not every user might want to have a google tracker in its controlpanel :)

cfoe 18th June 2012 12:22

you can use an alternative.

When the wiki/kb or whatever I would love to write a few entries about possible performance enhancements like cdn

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