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till 11th June 2012 13:17

ISPConfig available for testing
The first release candidate (RC1) version of the upcoming ISPConfig is available for download. RC versions are released for testing purposes, it is not recommended to use them on production systems.

This release is a bugfix release for ISPConfig 3.0.4



Update instructions


cd /tmp
rm -rf /tmp/ispconfig3_install
tar xvfz ISPConfig-
cd ispconfig3_install/install
php -q update.php

m4l41k4t 6th July 2012 07:43

I see from web for ISPConfig version has been released.
I now use ISPConfig with Ubuntu 12:04 32 Bit.
I want to ask if I upgrade my ISPConfig version from version to version whether the previous web data will also be lost or remain there?
Because this happened when I was having problems in my server like my post in the thread (
Thank you so much

cfoe 6th July 2012 09:09

If everything works normal you do not lose any data.

Be careful if you modified any config files. when you reconfigure the services in the update process these modifications will be overwritten by the default ispconfig configs

I just looked at the post you linked and saw you talked about ISPConfig 2. I hope you do not confuse the two versions

m4l41k4t 6th July 2012 09:56

Thanks a lot for the information cfoe and I have managed to upgrade ISPConfig version from version to version successfully without any data loss.

But, it turns out after I try to upgrade the version is still not resolve my problem like that in Thread:

Thread it in the bottom of my post with the ID "m4l41k4t" I used ISPConfig version 3 not version 2.

till 6th July 2012 10:07

Your problem is not related to ispconfig or the ispconfig version you use, thats why the update cozld not fix your issue. I posted a answer in your other thread. Please do not post the same issue in more then one thread.

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