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fransyozef 31st May 2012 14:59

clients dirs not created
I'm using ispconfig on Ubuntu ..

All worked well , but now I noticed when I create a new client or website , the dirs and vhosts are not created anymore .. it used to work :(

Any idea how to fix this?

till 31st May 2012 15:29

There are no directories created when you create a client, so this part is ok. The directories are created when you create a website, if this does not work anymore then take a look at the debugging instructions in the faq:

fransyozef 31st May 2012 15:36

hmmm somehow .. I fixed it (???)

It seemed the jobque was stacked with jobs and wans't processed ..

I had a custom cronjob, but I disabled that
restarted cron
restarted ispconfig server

and now suddenly the jobque is empty and everything work now .. (???)

till 31st May 2012 15:40

Most likely the cron daemon was stopped then and te restart fixed it. A custom cronjob can not cause this and ispconfig is no daemon, so it cant be restarted.

fransyozef 31st May 2012 15:44

ah ok ..

may I ask what



till 31st May 2012 15:50


Originally Posted by fransyozef (Post 279939)
ah ok ..

may I ask what



This is a shell script that gets executed once a minute by cron. If cron is stopped, then this script gets not executed and the jobqueue is not processed.

fransyozef 31st May 2012 16:01

ok ..

So when cron doesn't execute the ...

then something is going wrong with cron? And how do I check that?

till 31st May 2012 16:21

Check the /var/log/syslog file for errors.

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