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francx 22nd May 2012 19:57

Problem with Gmail

I have a problem with my server.

All mails from my server Gmail move to spam.


Can you help me?

falko 23rd May 2012 15:36

Please check if your server is blacklisted:

Also, if your server is on a dynamic IP, you should set up relaying:

francx 23rd May 2012 16:46

My IP is not on blacklist and my IP is static (VPS by

falko 24th May 2012 14:31

Did you create a reverse record and an SPF record?

francx 24th May 2012 15:27

SPF record yes. I have pass on Gmail.

My reverse lookup:

Type IP Address Domain Name TTL
PTR 78.46.228.*** static.*** 24 hrs

falko 25th May 2012 08:58

The reverse record is probably the problem. Please change it and use your own domain.

francx 25th May 2012 10:41

I have rDNS my own domain.

I try setup DKIM.

Must I add all domains or only the one? (step 2)

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