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erkan 18th May 2012 03:24

php-fpm with ISPConfig on apache
Is it possible to use php-fpm with ISPConfig on an apache server?

till 18th May 2012 11:54

This will be possible with the next ISPConfig major release 3.0.5and is already implemented in SVN.

erkan 18th May 2012 13:55

Ok nice! Do you know when 3.0.5 stable will be released? Or can I download a test version somewhere?

till 18th May 2012 14:09

3.0.5 will be released this summer when the last features on the feature list are implemented:

You can get the development version from svn:


svn checkout svn://
Please note that svn versions contain untested code and should not be used on a production server.

erkan 18th May 2012 15:01

Can I run a wget URL in order to install it? Like I do when I install IPSConfig 3.0.4.

till 18th May 2012 15:26

No, you have to use the svn command that I posted above to get the svn version.

erkan 18th May 2012 18:48

But how do I install it? I tried running the command but I just get "command not found".

till 18th May 2012 19:00


apt-get install subversion

to install it on debian or ubuntu.

erkan 18th May 2012 19:06

But first I have to add the svn link in the sources file?

till 18th May 2012 19:16

No. Just run the command I posted above and then install ispconfig with the normal install.php script which is in the install subfolder.

Please note that the svn version is for developers only as its untested code, so it can break your setup or requre additional cosing or changes in config files to get it working.

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