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IKe 1st May 2012 09:01

DNS problems
Hi Guys,

i finished installing centos6.2 x86_64 with ispconfig3 which is working ok.

I can assess my site from the LAN, can ftp from the LAN but cannot asses the site out side the LAN.

I have set up the router to forward all request to the static ip of the server.

But have been trying to configure the goddady account to resolve to the domain but still cannot.

I followed the tutorial on configuring the dns but still cannot assess the site from out side the lan.

pls any pointers will be welcome.

falko 2nd May 2012 12:17

If you want to access your site from outside your LAN, the DNS records must point to your router's public IP address (not the local IP address of the server), and the router must be configured to forward all necessary ports to the ISPConfig server.

IKe 2nd May 2012 14:03

Dear Falko,

Thanks for your reply. I realized that yesterday night and rectified the error. You guys are doing a great work and will forward my subscription soonest.

The site is at:

God bless.


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