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nicephotog 29th April 2012 16:45

Free "LINUX" digital photo software
Hi, i have recently built myself some software (SideWinderPhotoColourBalancer) to edit my digital photographs(freeware editor), it requires the Java standard edition runtime environment of a JRE 1.5.0_03 or newer.

This version EBLA2-C17 2 has been packaged(zip 1.04 Mb) for Linux and has a short comprehensive instructions page for simple quick install at my site.

It has two main features, low image degradation(partly by user process) and gamma(its other names are "mid tone" or "exposure correction").


Page URL:

What you think?

nicephotog 25th May 2012 09:59

EBLA4 May 24 2012,
more viewer sizes for up to 24 Mega pixel,
white banded adjustment
text insert

Don't know how it goes in Linux at this time.
768 mb object heap assigned so it requires PC of 1GB of RAM minimum.

nicephotog 24th February 2014 04:59

....some sort of editor key blooper in this attempt............
see next post.

nicephotog 24th February 2014 05:00


Originally Posted by noor1100 (Post 310118)
The best solution would have been to install Ubuntu Studio, it is filled with high end graphic/audio editors for the professional.

The EBLA4-C17 is the newest one i've written,
also has text dub over and extra bright dark "band adjust filters",
it has ensured editing quality for color balance and gamma operation by the calculation method for each pixel operation.

The following version is stable in either Linux or Win.

The old site i do not have, but it can be downloaded here

There is also a "help" folder with documents inside its main folder.

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