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dclardy 24th April 2012 16:13

Creating a Theme
So I have started creating a theme for ISPConfig, but I am a little lost as to how you change the default theme for the entire installation. When I login, I get to my new theme, but I want to see that in the login screen as well.

Is that possible?

till 24th April 2012 16:25

The default theme is set in the ispconfig configuration file:


dclardy 24th April 2012 18:42

Thanks. Is there anyway to not have the top menu/header show up on the main page?

till 24th April 2012 19:33


Originally Posted by dclardy (Post 278127)
Thanks. Is there anyway to not have the top menu/header show up on the main page?

No. The front page is always the complete page, just with different menus.

dclardy 24th April 2012 21:10

Thanks, till.

Here is the theme that I came up with. I did not do that much different. I just changed some stylings and swapped out some icons.

You just have to place it in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/themes.

To make it the default, you have to do what Till said earlier.

Read post below.

dclardy 25th April 2012 19:15

To help me out some, I moved this over to a GitHub Repo. This will help me save some bandwidth on my server. I am note expecting this to be a huge download, but you never know.

Here is the location of the repo:

dclardy 26th April 2012 17:14


Is it possible to throw body classes into the templates? So if they are logging in, the body class would be login and if not it would not contain that class? I am trying to look through the template files, but I am not seeing a way to do this. I think this is because I have limited knowledge of php.

nokia80 29th April 2012 16:10

i have download the theme but everything is white something whit owner ship i think?

dclardy 29th April 2012 16:25

Did you keep the same folder name? If you change it, it will break it. The latest version from Github works fine. I am using it at

nokia80 29th April 2012 17:05

is this the folder name dclardy64-ISPConfig_Clean-e8ad70c?


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