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misterm 19th April 2012 18:21

When on ispconfig 3 (dnssec)

Just asking the developer to ISPConfig, when will this system to protect our dns?

On, ISPConfig 3

thank you


falko 20th April 2012 16:43

We haven't decided yet when/if we will implement DNSSEC.

Peerke 1st June 2012 09:59

@misterm You can add OpenDNSSEC:

elmacus 13th September 2012 16:30

+1 for

birkosan 7th November 2013 14:52

Any news about DNSSEC implementation?

till 7th November 2013 15:12

When you like to see dnssec in ispconfig, then please make a feature request in the ispconfig bugtracker When the feature gets enough votes, then it will be added to the roadmap.

mccharlet 2nd January 2014 18:58

See this ticket

SuperLOL 13th June 2014 08:01

I don't get it why ISPConfig doesn't support DNSSEC, it's now over 3 years. This reminds me of IPv6, delaying it till it has to be rushed in.

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