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stigge2000 13th April 2012 12:09

Strange alias behaviour...
Friendly greetings!

I have a very strange problem... some time ago i installed roundcube with my ispc installation and everything are working nice and smooth.
Im using a "Alias /webmail" in roundcube.conf etc, as i said it's all working great on all domains on the server... UNTIL yesterday when i added a new domain and site and tried to access the webmail via and i get the response "404 /webmail can not be found on this server"... but at the same time its still working on all the other domains.
What's going on?

stigge2000 13th April 2012 12:53

Nevermind... It's was a DNS problem... didn't wait long enough for the changes to reach and

... when will i learn?! I should know better! *kicking myself*

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