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Jonathan 21st July 2006 01:02

modify error's pages
I want to modify my error's page, but they are in html .......... I want to use php in this pages, what I must doing to do for that ?
thank and sorry for my bad english :(

TheRudy 21st July 2006 11:52

You'll have to change /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/vhost.conf.master template file. Change all .html to .php for error pages. Plus you'll have to change template files for actuall error pages. Maybe also make_vhosts() function :D

Not sure about this but be aware that if you have a site that has disabled php scripts that it might also affect error pages for that site. <--- Not sure if this is true or not! Would kinda make sense.. :)

Jonathan 21st July 2006 12:01

thanks :D
I'll try to do that. :)

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