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xicoloco 2nd April 2012 03:11

Change ISP web interface
How do i change the ISP master controler to another structure node ? If the master controler get fuked up without backup...

till 2nd April 2012 09:58

The laves contain only partial data (the data for their own server), so you can not make a slave the master for the other servers. If you need several masters, see mirror setup guide.

xicoloco 2nd April 2012 13:53

i dont need several masters, is more like if the master have a major problem how do i configure a new master ?

till 2nd April 2012 14:00

Take care that you have a backup of the ispconfig mysql database and the mysql.mysql database so that you can restore them on the server that shall be the new master.

xicoloco 2nd April 2012 14:11

well what are the procedures for do that ?

till 2nd April 2012 14:34

Mysql databases are normally backed up with mysqldump. There is also a backup script available that backups all relevant parts of a ispconfig system:

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