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xzibiz 30th March 2012 15:15

Web, Email & MySQL Database Cluster
I've configured an web, email, mysql, dns cluster on debian 6.
The servers I used is on to different computer centers.
And my question is, with a domain like -> server1
But if server1 doesent respond, can you get redirected to server2 ?
same goes for email, webmail ?

till 30th March 2012 18:05

I've explained the different options in this thread:

xzibiz 31st March 2012 19:10

Thx :)
I've read alot about heartbeat, and keapalived.
As far as I can see, it works under a LAN.

GW(headrtbeat) --> switch --> WEB1 and WEB2

It should work.
But my two servers is on different datacenters. With sepperated WAN addresses.

till 2nd April 2012 09:54

You should consider one of the oter options like a loadbalancer which redirects the incoming http requests to the working servers only or you switch the dns records and use a very short ttl. The dns switching is the easiest method but may cause a short downtime depending on the caching time of the dns servers.

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