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gdhia 28th March 2012 16:36

problem with Simple Groupware
Hello every body,

As i'am working on a simple groupware i've installed on a remote server, and after 16 calendar entries, i suddently have the error:
Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in .../cspace/httpdocs/bin/core/classes/date.php on line 362

The error appears only when trying to access the Calendar folder.

the correspondant line is:

if ($type=="month" or $type=="year" or $type=="gantt") {
$daylabels = array();
foreach ($days as $today) {
$then = $today+86399;
$today_arr = sys_getdate($today);
foreach ($t["data"] as $item) {
$item_start = $item[$fields[0]]["data"][0];
$item_end = $item[$fields[1]]["data"][0]; <<<<-------------------------
if (!isset($fields[3])) {
$item_until = 0;
$item_allday = 1;
$item_recurrence = "";
$item_interval = 1;
$item_exclusions = "";
Can any one of you help me resolve this problem please?

Thank you

falko 29th March 2012 16:17

Does the last calendar entry look like the others, or is there anything special (special characters, etc.) about it?

sjau 30th March 2012 10:19

if I may ask:

What do you need simple Groupware for? I've been using Horde 4 for some time and it works great.. the "webmail" install installs a webmail, calendar, todo and contacts tool that can by synchronized with syncml/active sync on cell phones.

I finally got it also running on ISPC 3 and if you want, I could write a little howto.

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