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Norman 26th March 2012 02:13

Customer subdomain put on wrong site?
I have a customer who has created site

it also has the following co-domains:
and subdomain.domain.ext

Since upgrading to the latest ispconfig 2 version we've seen some sporadic weird behaviour.
One was /etc/passwd being nulled and now this new problem.

It seems that subdomain.domain.ext was also put on entirely different sites co-domain list belonging to a totally different customer under another reseller.

What may be the cause of this?

the subdomain can't be edited as admin, it simply says I dont have permission to access this object.

co-domain subdomain.domain.ext on the site 1 and site 2 has different docids.

What would be a quick fix?
and what would be a permanent fix to make sure this wont happen in the future?

Is there any known issues such as this with doublette co-domains?

Norman 26th March 2012 02:21

Update: When I removed the co-domain subdomain.domain.ext for customer1 site1 the co-domain also disappeared on site2. But the "paperbin" of customer1 was empty, but the paperbin of customer2 had the co-domains there.

Tried creating a new site with customer1.
All codomains/subdomains created on said site gets put on customers2's site codomains.

Can't access or remove them from customer2s site.
Tried changing owner of site between different owners, didnt help.

If I delete codomain on site1 it gets removed on customer2s site but put in customer2s trash.

This is really odd and would be thankful to sort this out.

Norman 26th March 2012 15:51

Any ideas?
Or a solution?

Trying to add a co-domain on any other site gives "domain is owned by another user" error message. Although the site itself is the domain and co-domain just a subdomain.

till 26th March 2012 16:40

There is a corrupted link in the database, to fix that delete the co-domain so that its in the trahs folder and then empty the trash and then create the co-domain again.

Norman 26th March 2012 19:19

Tried doing that.
Any new site I made had all co-domains put on that one site... so what I did was to delete the site that seemed to have gained superpowers (own all co-domains).

When I did that a new entry showed up in DNS view of ISPconfig2.
I clicked the site but it showed up as a normal site config docid which was odd. Deleted that one as well.

That seems to have fixed it.

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