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gilas 20th July 2006 12:04

backup size too long...
I've just upgraded to ISPConfig 2.2.5, but there is still a problem.
I have a site with a lot of symlinks, about 140Mb calculated with

du -sh

when I try to backup (full mode: webdata, log, users and mysql) this site, the browser can't download the save set and stops with an error (before ms ie prompts asking if I want to download not protected objects and then give a blank page).

Looking in


I discovered that the session is on and that the save set amounts to 1.6GB; infact I found a zip file like:


I suppose there is still a problem for the backup. Could you help me?!?
Thank you in anticipation,

till 21st July 2006 15:00

Internet explorer is known to have problems with page timeouts when the backup is too large, please try firefox.

falko 21st July 2006 15:22

Edit /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/tools/tools/backup/backup.php, and whenever you find the string $zip -r replace it with $zip -ry
This will not try to zip symlinks then.

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