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pawan 19th March 2012 22:08

default index page problem
of late, if a site is pointed to ispconfig server(in DNS record of domain registrar), instead of showing the default index page, as it used to show, now I am getting one of the website as default(if no domain is created for the domain in question).

a new domain is registered and its A record is pointed to the ip of my ISPCONFIG server, but no domain is created in ISPCONFIG control panel than when browsing that domain used to show a default ISPCONFIG index page, but don't know from when, but now it is showing one of the sites from my server.

Your help is needed to address this problem.

till 20th March 2012 08:56

apache will show the first website that it finds for the same IP address in alphabetical order.

The easiest way to get a specific site in the first place that shall be shown when a vhost does not exist is to add a prefix. For

1) Rename the domain of the website to:
2) Add as aliasdomain to the website

The domain does not have to exist in dns.

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