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BeNeDeLuX 17th March 2012 20:56

Add Tapatalk support to the Forum
Hey @ all admins,

is there a way to add Tapatalk support to the Forum ?
Would be cool to read and write better in the Forum via mobile a mobile device.

Tapatalk for the Forum itself is for free -->
Of course the App for the Mobile device is not free and you need to pay for it.
But for those users who already use tapatalk with other forums...would be great.



Franz 28th August 2013 16:27

implementation of Tapatak would be great

MasteRTriX 21st November 2013 22:55


IŽll really apreciate it

Nilpo 9th December 2013 09:29

Please do not implement Tapatalk. It doesn't have support for remembering when you choose not to use it. I intentionally avoid visiting sites that use Tapatalk because I often browse from my tablet and do not want to use the app. Every single page load is halted for a modal dialog box advertising the app. It wouldn't be so bad if I was only asked once per site, but it doesn't work that way. Very intrusive.

BeNeDeLuX 17th January 2014 19:13

I can understand you.
What about a mobile theme for the forum ?

till 17th January 2014 19:22

Thank you for your suggestions! We are working on a relaunch in 2014 and a better mobile usage experience is on our roadmap :)

Nilpo 17th January 2014 19:33

That's great! Thanks, till.

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