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chief 16th March 2012 12:50

upgrade fedora - how bad could it get

I have ispconfig 2 running on fedora 10 with 20 websites running and a mail server all working nicely

Is it possible to run a fedora upgrade from 10 through to fedora 16 without absolutely breaking everything everything....

I take daily backups of all mysql databases, i take ssh nightely snapshots of all contents in /var/www/*

I have downloaded backup of ispconfig

how wrong could it get, or is better to build a new server and move 1 site at a time to new server then do a rebuild of old server and move sites back?


falko 17th March 2012 12:21

I think you must upgrade from 10 to 11, then from 11 to 12 and so on. But I'd take backups of all relevant data because I wouldn't rule out that you end with a messed up system...

chief 20th March 2012 14:39

I tried the upgrade process and it wouldnt work, kept pulling fedora 15 images. 11, 12 same. started to work on 13 so it says, but rpms came in as fc15.rpms.

Anway, scrapped that process. I am going for a complete rebuild on fedora 15 with ispconfig 3.
Incidently, i completed it yesturday. tried logging in https://ipaddress's:8080 and got to the login. used admin and password admin as the default ready to change and move sites there.
But it states admin user/password wrong. hmm

before i uninstall and change domain name any advice on what could be the matter


chief 20th March 2012 15:31


the instructions on the how-to and the manual are wrong.
I found that if i followed it to the letter i couldnt log in


cd /tmp
tar xfz ISPConfig-3-stable.tar.gz
cd ispconfig3_install/install/
This is the section, i couldnt login as admin..
so i uninstalled it

php /tmp/ispconfig3_install/install/uninstall.php
downloaded from
and re-ran the installer, this time i can login as admin and change the password
so far so good


till 20th March 2012 17:06

The file is the same on both URL's, so falko's instructions are fine and the different download url is not the reason that it worked the second time.

chief 20th March 2012 17:44

Thanks till for reply,

I dont understand why admin wouldnt login first time, i then downloaded from download section again and it worked second time..

thanks anyway


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