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shakethefloor 9th March 2012 16:23

phpMyAdmin not working
I have finally got everything set up on my vps, apart from phpmyadmin!

its a debian lenny with bind and dovecot

At first I just couldn't load the /phpmyadmin URL, either on the IP or on my domain, So I googled the problem, tried a reinstall and made a symlink to /var/www/phpmyadmin from /etc/phpmyadmin but when i browse to (or /etc/phpmyadmin for that matter) I get these files:

apache.conf    htpasswd.setup  phpmyadmin        lighttpd.conf

But no index.php or anything. I took a look in the apache.conf and files but I had no idea if anything needed changing or why it wasn't working.


till 9th March 2012 16:40

Please remove the symlink that you made.

Then run:

dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin

and select that apt shall configure phpmyadmin for apache (items get selected with the space bar on the keyboard). Afterwards restart apache.

shakethefloor 9th March 2012 22:17

Solved it again, thank you so much.

I realise where I went wrong. In the initial set up I pressed Enter instead of Space to select which one i wanted, so it was a blank selection.

Thanks again.

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