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tom123 18th February 2012 20:41

Some questions
Hi all,
we are evaluating ispconfig and we have one questions:

is possibile to setup ispconfig on a server with no hosting services on it and then manage multiple hosting servers (10-12) from this single instance?
for example, we would like to make a VPS dedicated to control panel only and from this VPS manage 10 or 12 phisical servers with apache,dovecot and so on.

falko 19th February 2012 15:14

Yes, that's possible.

anset 19th February 2012 19:33


I have three virtual servers. ispconifig is installed on all three and all three offer web/mail/etc... services. Only on one server is the web interface installed and available. From that interface, I control all three servers.

Now my "control" VM also serves services, but that is optional: you decide on what servers clients run their stuff, so just never assign the control vm.

Hope this helps,


tom123 21st February 2012 21:29


More questions:
1) is possibile to backup a single user account and then be able to restore it (maybe on another server) with every configuration? (like DirectAdmin does)
What happens if this user account has services on multiple server?

2) is possibile to migrate an user account to another server?

3) are there any custom skins for ISPConfig?

till 22nd February 2012 09:42

1) Not yet
2) Not yet.
3) Yes.

tom123 22nd February 2012 12:12

can you tell me where to find any custom skin?

till 22nd February 2012 12:17

See e.g. Tipps/Tricks/Mods Subforum:

tom123 22nd February 2012 13:43

I'm trying to use a multiserver setup.
The main server works properly.
I've configured a second server, connected it to the master with success, but any domain added from the control panel to that server, is not configured.

are there any ispconfig log file to check?

till 22nd February 2012 14:53

Please see faq and manual:

tom123 22nd February 2012 15:05


Originally Posted by till (Post 274057)

No errors are wrote:

# /usr/local/ispconfig/server/

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