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fobicodam 18th July 2006 16:55

Reseller: 500 Mb - 2 MySQL
2 sites (whitout databases, 50 mb each)

When try to create the 3rd site:

You have left only 0 database(s) which you can assign to this website.

Maybe you are not looking for the "MySQL" checkbox ?

falko 19th July 2006 14:45

We will check this.

fobicodam 19th July 2006 14:52

Im working a lot right now, when i can find some time ill help you checking some code, i want to learn some php.

djtremors 24th July 2006 08:48

I saw that too and found it to be taking the co-domain as a site as well.. ie. (auto adds co-domain = 2 sites.

I think I removed the non www site and it allowed 1 more. I'm not totally sure about this as it was a while and I allowed alot more now anyway.

fobicodam 25th July 2006 00:05

But its not a sites problem, its a database one.

hamish 6th August 2006 11:49

has this been resolved by anyone yet?
hi all

has anyone fixed this problem yet ?



falko 7th August 2006 14:05

Not yet. We're quite busy, but it's in our bugtracker, so we won't forget that. :)

hamish 7th August 2006 14:35

thanks falko - i saw it in the bugtracker and thought i'd check before looking at trying to fix it


hamish 7th August 2006 17:22

cant replicate bug
I have tried recreating this bug with Fedora Core 5, ISPConfig ver 2.3.1, MySQL 5.0.22 but could not get it to happen.

I did following:
- created new reseller (500MB disk space, unlimited bandwith, 2 MySQL databases)
- created 6 new sites under reseller with varying amounts of disk space, DNS records but no databases enabled)

worked correctly - no error messages. Sats summary shows 0 of 2 databases used.

Also tried adding extra "A" DNS records to all sites - still no problems adding new sites.

I have updated bugtracker with findings and set to resolved/works for me.

fobicodam 7th August 2006 18:00

:mad: because yo tested it on another Linux version, with a dev ispconfig ? i still have the same problem :mad: i had to set 50 databases to all my resellers to make it work, i hope nobody will sell more than 50 sites before the fix is done :mad:

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