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qiubosu 3rd February 2012 23:54

ISPConfig 3 Manual and Features
i bought the previous version of ISPConfig 3 manual twice for 10 pounds in total. can i have the updated ISPConfig 3 manual for free? thanks.

my ISPConfig 3 is installed/configured under Ubuntu server (there are several CMS websites installed in the same server as well). I have another web application needs to be installed under CentOS server. Both of these two servers (Ubuntu and CentOS servers) are behind a LAN (it is through a router and one public static IP address to connect to the WAN).

For the web application installed in this CentOS server, can I setup, configure or host this web application in this ISPConfig 3 Ubuntu server? How if yes? If not, how can i easily resolve the hosting issue for this CentOS server?

till 4th February 2012 15:53

Regarding the manual, please contact me by email.

Rearding the hosting problem, you can e.g. Use apache mod_proxy to forward the requests from the ubuntu server to the centos server.

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