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Ovidiu 30th January 2012 20:48

regarding mod_cache and mem_cache
I am referring to this howto:

I activated cache and mem_cache, restarted apache and tried the test file you gave but the time is always refreshed so nothing is being cached, check it out here:

any idea what could be interfering?

falko 31st January 2012 14:14

Works for me. Did you reload the page as described in the tutorial?


Then click in the browser's address bar and press ENTER so that the page gets loaded again (don't press F5 or the reload button - this will always fetch a fresh copy from the server instead of the cache!)

Ovidiu 31st January 2012 17:13

weird it doesn't work for me. tried chrome, safari, firefox, simply hit enter the number keeps going up.
but if it works for you it must be a problem on my macbook...

falko 1st February 2012 17:54

Tested again in my Firefox 9.0.1 and found no problem.

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