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WouterDS 25th January 2012 15:54

Nginx Debian Squeeze "No input file specified."
Ok so I've been trying the past 6 hours to install nginx, php & mysql on my debian squeeze vps but with no luck.

I did this before on ubuntu, also with da guide from this site and got everything up and running in minutes so I'm not sure what's the problem here.

Anyway, my problem now:

Some files work, others don't.
So I created 3 files with the following permissions and the only file that can be parsed is info.php. I know this is a permission issue but I don't know how to fix it.

Also, I would like access with other users except root & www-data to the www folder (it's located in /home/wouterds/www in my configuration).

Please feel free to try it yourself:


Sorry for the weird post and my bad English but I'm really stressed at the moment it still doesn't work and it's so easy to do.

Thanks in advance,

till 25th January 2012 16:35

Do you talk about the nginx guides from Falko timme or the perfects etup ispconfig 3 / nginx for Ubuntu? If yes, then the nginx version in Debian squeeze is too old for the setup described there. If you want to use debian, you will have to use debian testing.

WouterDS 25th January 2012 16:36

Hello, thank you for your reply.

I used this guide, thought I mentioned it in the post but apparently I didn't.

till 25th January 2012 16:58

Ahh ok, that one should work on squeeze of course, its a different setup then the one used on the perfect setup guides.

WouterDS 25th January 2012 17:00

So have you any idea how to fix it?
I have reinstalled different OS's on this VPS the past 3 days and I'm really going nuts if I have to reinstall everything again :(.

till 25th January 2012 17:20

maybe falko gan help you with that. I use apache on my servers and not nginx.

WouterDS 25th January 2012 17:28

Pff nevermind, going back to Ubuntu I guess.
Going to install Ubuntu 10.04 32bit.

WouterDS 25th January 2012 17:44

Is there a tutorial for installing nginx, php & mysql on Ubuntu 10.04?
Can't find it :/

Edit: sorry for the double post

falko 26th January 2012 15:33

WouterDS 30th January 2012 16:41

Thank you very much, used that tutorial of the perfect server and everything works perfect :D!
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