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trondhuso 23rd January 2012 10:51

ftp accounts
I am trying to find out if it is possible to create just ftp-accounts for clients of one website.
What I am trying to achieve is:
website x has some clients that will provide datafiles to this website system. They will be ftp'd to the website.
Instead of the webx_clientname design, I rather would like it to be clientname (username) and that the ftp-area is what would be the same as for webx_username.

can this be done in ispc2, if not, is this a feature that you wish to create?



falko 24th January 2012 15:49

You can switch off the webx_ prefix, but I strongly advise against it because you might get collisions with other usernames! :eek:

trondhuso 26th January 2012 15:40

I see the concern. Is this a setting that is global, or can it be applied on one account only?

Because then I could create a sub-domain and create client-accounts. Normally these won't need e-mail either, but I guess I can (must) live with that...

Thanks for the valuable information.

till 27th January 2012 09:46

This is a global setting.

trondhuso 27th January 2012 16:49

So I noticed. Are there any plans on adding this as a site-by-site setting?

Feature Request I guess ;)

falko 28th January 2012 13:38

ISPConfig 2 isn't under active development anymore. We just do security updates. You should consider switching to ISPConfig 3.

trondhuso 29th January 2012 21:01

Yes an upgrade to ispc3 is something to consider, but you know the saying:
' When work, why fix '...

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