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rafael-ec 16th January 2012 15:48

Migrate from Apache to NGINX

I have a small server running two sites. One with Elgg and the other wth Moodle. WIth Moodle I have no fear, but ELGG needs .htaccess to work. However there is doc about Elgg and Nginx in both Elgg and Nginx sites. So I think it could be done.

Now my question is how hard is it to migrate from Apache to Nginx in a working ISPconfig server. I only have 2 sites so I thinks is the moment to do it.



falko 17th January 2012 15:02

I think it's easier to set up the system from scratch again (with nginx) and then install ISPConfig on it. It's hard to migrate the ISPConfig web interface (and database) away from Apache to nginx.

rafael-ec 17th January 2012 17:16

Thanks a lot. I am going to think about the best option.

If I have to start from scratch, the best thing would be to move to Ubuntu 10.4 instead of Squeeze?



falko 18th January 2012 14:33

I'd use Ubuntu 11.10 or Debian Testing.

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