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rafael-ec 13th January 2012 04:17

NGINX vs Apache
For normal standard sites what would you recomend NGIX or Apache. As far as I know apache has more options and nginx is faster and consume less resources. I haven't use nginx, but I have used Cherokee and is way faster than Apache.

Is nginx much faster that apache? Something my vps would like.

I am working right now with apache in Debian Squeeze. There is no official doc, as far as I know, on how to use nginx in Debian with Ispconfig because the version is too old. i guess that could be solve without much problem. If I am right on that, how complicated would be to migrate the sites from Apache to NGINX. Most of my sites are Wordpress, but I have one on Elgg, that I know could be troube :).



till 13th January 2012 09:53

nginx is much fater then apache. Most CMS systems ship with .htaccess files (e.g. wordpress), as nginx dont support the rewrite rules from apache, you might have to write nginx rewrite rules for all sites that rely on .htaccess files.

See e.g.:

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