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zbuzanic 2nd January 2012 00:06

Second server
Hi, I've finally setup another ispconfig server, and everything is working ok, except that I have this error on first(master) server when viewing server02 status:

Replication failed. Error: (client) in MySQL server: (localhost) Unknown column 'limit_openvz_vm_template' in 'field list' # SQL: REPLACE INTO client

I've upgraded both server with svn version of ispconfig.

till 2nd January 2012 09:20

Delete the error in the system log of the ispconfig monitor, you can find a delete button in that row and check if it appears again. If thats the case, then the database scheme on your slave is not up to date.

As a general note, please dont use svn versions on production systems, svn versions contain untested code and might not work at all or break your server.

zbuzanic 2nd January 2012 11:09

Ok, I've updated with release but I still have undone tasks (jobqueue) in my master ispconfig that produce errors. How can I delete those tasks?

till 2nd January 2012 11:15

There is nothing wrong with these tasks, the problem is the update state of the slave server as you master and slave have a different database layout at the moment so that the replication can not work anymore. Login to the slave server on the shell and execute the command:

as root user on the shell and select "stable" when the updater asks you.

zbuzanic 2nd January 2012 12:03

Unfortunately, it didn't help.

"There are no updates available for ISPConfig"

I've looked into master SQL table and even on master there is no "limit_openvz_vm_template" collumn, so I guess it should be limit_openvz_vm_template_id, how to correct it in jobqueue?

ps. fixed it :) I've renamed table on slave, then renamed it back to original and now it's working as it should.

zbuzanic 11th September 2014 22:02

Old topic, but still I'm intrigued with the same problem with every new server I add to my multi-server. Every time I add new server I have this error:


Replication failed. Error: (client) in MySQL server: (localhost) Unknown column 'limit_openvz_vm_template' in 'field list' # SQL: REPLACE INTO client (`client_id`,`sys_userid`,`sys_groupid`,`sys_perm_user`,`sys_perm_group`,`sys_perm_other`,`company_name`,`company_id`,`contact_name`,`customer_no`,`vat_id`,`street`,`zip`,`city`,`state`,`country`,`telephone`,`mobile`,`fax`,`email`,`internet`,`icq`,`notes`,`default_mailserver`,`limit_maildomain`,`limit_mailbox`,`limit_mailalias`,`limit_mailaliasdomain`,`limit_mailforward`,`limit_mailcatchall`,`limit_mailrouting`,`limit_mailfilter`,`limit_fetchmail`,`limit_mailquota`,`limit_spamfilter_wblist`,`limit_spamfilter_user`,`limit_spamfilter_policy`,`default_webserver`,`limit_web_ip`,`limit_web_domain`,`limit_web_quota`,`web_php_options`,`limit_web_subdomain`,`limit_web_aliasdomain`,`limit_ftp_user`,`limit_shell_user`,`ssh_chroot`,`limit_webdav_user`,`default_dnsserver`,`limit_dns_zone`,`limit_dns_slave_zone`,`limit_dns_record`,`default_dbserver`,`limit_database`,`limit_cron`,`limit_cron_type`,`limit_cron_frequency`,`limit_traffic_quota`,`limit_client`,`limit_mailmailinglist`,`limit_openvz_vm`,`limit_openvz_vm_template`,`parent_client_id`,`username`,`password`,`language`,`usertheme`,`template_master`,`template_additional`,`created_at`,`id_rsa`,`ssh_rsa`)
I've search on my "old" master server for string "limit_openvz_vm_template" and didn't find it anywhere (database on old and new is limit_openvz_vm_template_id) so I'm just puzzled where is that string saved and how can I fix it or change it to updated one "limit_openvz_vm_template_id".

till 12th September 2014 11:40

The problem is that a new slave has to resync all changes that are marked with server_id = 0 from sys_datalog to become compatibl with the master servers and one of this resync records has this non existing field.

What you can do is this:

1) make a backup of th master database
2) delete all records from sys_datalog where dbtable = 'client'.
3) Go To tools >Resync in ispconfig and select to resync all clients (only the clients, not the other items).

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