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Bencori 14th December 2011 06:55

Having trouble using GeoIP.bat
Hello, I'm a happy user of ISPConfig 3. Though, I came across and issue I can't see to understand nor solve. I use GeoLiteCity.bat to retrieve geolocation of the users online. I didn't install the Apache mod, I just use it like it, directly from PHP using their pure PHP module.

Anyway, using it with ISPConfig doesn't seem to work. I guess it's for some restriction reasons, because when I run it on my server's www root (where ISPConfig didn't modify anything, accessed directly from my server's IP), it works just like it should. But when I use it in a website's folder it totally screws the output. I don't get any error message, but I can clearly see something went wrong. The output is wrong and incomplete. I can't seem to find any information about this on the web, am I the only with this issue ?

Before you suggest it though, I do not want to install the mod for Apache, I just want it to run from a folder. I never had problems before (using CPanel as my hosting panel, or using it locally).

Thank you for your suggestions

falko 14th December 2011 20:01

Shouldn't it be GeoIP.dat instead of GeoIP.bat? Maybe you use the wrong file name.

Bencori 15th December 2011 05:55

Oh no, sorry this is just a typo in the thread. In my script it is the right path to the database.

falko 15th December 2011 20:28

Are open_basedir restrictions in effect? Please check your open_basedir setting (on the Options tab of your website in ISPConfig).

Bencori 18th December 2011 15:02

Yes, it is base_dir restricted but the location of the file (the GeoIP database) is within the base_dir authorisation.

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