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radim_h 29th November 2011 16:59

how to install Mailman AFTER update to ?
Hello guys,
hope somewhere can give me advice

I have not read manual before udpate to, where is written that i have to install mailman first and then ISPC
so i have question

1. How should i install mailman afer update to 3.0.4., 1 or can i find somewhere in unpacked instalator what has to be done ?

2 If 1. is not possible, how to fix it, should i run somehow update to same version ?

3. Generally, if i dont want use some feature, how to remove item from ISPC Menu?
in this case how to remove Mailing list from ISPConfig menu ?

8omas 29th November 2011 21:17

same questions here

radim_h 2nd December 2011 02:24

to 1. and 2.

its enough to run manual update, stable over same stable :

cd /tmp
tar xvfz ISPConfig-3-stable.tar.gz
cd ispconfig3_install/install
php -q update.php

to point 3.
I'm really interrested how to remove mailman from ISPConfig menu

8omas 2nd December 2011 15:37

Have you tried this?
Can anyone from the developers confirm the above?

till 2nd December 2011 15:42

Running the update manually with choosing to reconfigure services will activate mailman.

radim_h 12th December 2011 12:39

removing mailman from email module menu
All needs to be dome is to go to

and comment out Mailing list part
put /* above line
//**** Mailinglist menu

above line
//**** Spamfilter menu

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