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dranach 17th November 2011 10:58

imap connections from
I have two servers on which I have installed ISPConfig3, one not yet updated (still 3.0.3) and the other with a fresh install of 3.0.4.

I followed the howto-tutorial to install both servers.
OS is Debian Squeeze.

Both have domains and e-mail configured on them.

When I look in the logs (generated by logwatch), I see regular connections from public addresses to imap (both on 3.0.3 and on 3.0.4).

But on the server with v3.0.4 I also see lots of connections from (something like over 500 connections from on one e-mail address in the past 3 hours). I know for a fact that this particular user doesn't use imap.

Is this something I should worry about? If this is normal, can somebody give an explanation of what's going on?


till 17th November 2011 11:08

Do you have webmail installed? If yes, then these connections are most likely from a webmail session as webmail connacts to imap on and does a lot of cennects.

If you see just connect from without a login and then a disconnect every 5 minutes, then the connects are from the ispconfig system monitor.

dranach 17th November 2011 11:26

imap connections from
Indeed, I have webmail.
I replaced Squirrelmail with Roundcubemail.

But still there is a difference between one server where there are on one hand no imap-connections at all from but a very strong use of imap by email clients, and on the other hand a server where there are lots of connections from but no imap use from e-mail clients (mostly pop3).

Actually, I don't know if there is a correlation in the behaviour I describe above, but it strikes me as odd..

Although everything seems to work as it should, though.

till 17th November 2011 11:30

I dont think that there is something wrong with that.

dranach 17th November 2011 11:44


But, I'll keep a close(r) eye on it anyway :)

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