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comedit 4th November 2011 11:53

Perfect server debian squeeze ipsconfig 3.04 nginx
I thrilled with the support for nginx in ISPconfig 3.04.

Would be good to have a perfect server howto on debian squeeze based on nginx instead of apache.

Hope this will be there soon

falko 5th November 2011 13:20

It's on my list. :)

Ovidiu 15th January 2012 00:34

any updates on the progress?
not trying to rush you only checking if its still on the list ;-)

till 15th January 2012 13:22

Some software versions in squeeze are too old for the ispconfig nginx setup, so ispconfig with nginx requires Debian testing at the moment.

Ovidiu 16th January 2012 11:52

any chance to get our hands on that one?
I need to set up a new server soon and wouldn't mind given it a try even if it needs the testing branch.

till 16th January 2012 12:02

I guess the Ubuntu guide should work for debian testing as well:

But falko might give you a more detailed answer as he has setup ISPConfig on Debian testing with nginx on one of his servers last week.

Ovidiu 16th January 2012 17:41

thanks, I'll wait a few days to see if he answers, if not I'll try the Ubuntu guide :-)
seeing that I have the two servers (old and new) in parallel for a few weeks I might as well give it a try.

falko 17th January 2012 14:58

Yes, the guide works for Wheezy as well. Please make sure you install the package sudo as well, it's not part of the tutorial because it's included in Ubuntu anyway, but on Debian you must install it manually (otherwise your website backups in ISPConfig won't work).

Ovidiu 17th January 2012 16:46

thx, will report back after giving it a try!

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