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hereinoz 1st November 2011 05:20

Change POP3 port
Hi All,

I am running a 10.04 server set up as per Falco's excellent Perfect Server how-to. I have one question as to whether it is possible to change the port on which Courier listens for POP3 from 110 to something else.

Can we change the POP3 port from 110 to another port? I am getting a little tired of the script kiddies trying to hack my pop accounts, and a port change will hopefully sort that out.

falko 1st November 2011 12:53

That's possible, but you have to tell all your users that they must configure their email clients to use the new port (if they use POP3. not IMAP).

hereinoz 1st November 2011 13:12

That's fine, Falko, I mainly use this server for my own email and that of friends and relatives. They will understand.

Can you point me to a how-to on changing the port? Google is not helping much with this.


till 1st November 2011 13:30

Edit the "PORT" line in the file /etc/courier/pop3d and then restart courier pop3 and pop3-ssl.

hereinoz 1st November 2011 14:47

Many thanks Till,

I knew it had to be there somewhere.

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