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Showa 1st November 2011 01:23

Unable to send or recieve emails.
Hello to you all,

I have got a problem recieving and sending mails. I did search howtoforge and other sites for a solution, and tried to solve my problem.

My ISP is blocking port 25. So I uncomment submission, put port 587 into my router pointing to my server, put TCP 587 into the firewall of ISPConfig 3 restarted the server as proposed in multiple threads. But without succes.

Doing a portscan port 587 is open, 25 is closed. Telnetting to the port functions, but I am unable to sent and recieve mails. In the mail error log there is the remark: No route to host (port 25). Are there other settings I have to change?

With kind regards,


till 1st November 2011 08:34

Edit postfix file and remove the # in front of the submission line. Then restart postfix.

eko_taas 1st November 2011 09:13

I have a same issue with ISP (blocking 25).

How you plan to receive emails (or your ISP blocked only sending)? In my case sending possible via ISP's SMTP-server, so receiving (send by others*) is main issue...

Showa 1st November 2011 09:26

Thanks Till but editing the master file was the first thing I did.

submission inet n - n - - smtpd
-o smtpd_enforce_tls=yes
-o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes
-o smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_sasl_authenticate d,reject

Or is editing only the first line sufficient?
Do I have to put my domain name in

till 1st November 2011 09:46

The first line is sufficient

Please be aware that enabling port 587 only means that you can send a email with a smtp client fom a external source to your server now and not that your server is able to send emails outside, as port 587 is only used for incoming messages. So please see also what eko_taas mentioned.

If your provider offers a mail relay server, then you should use that mail relay server to send emails from your server. The details for the mail relay can be set under system > server config > email

Showa 2nd November 2011 01:24

For sending my e-mail I am now using a relay server. Trying this functiones on gmail.

For another account I have got the message:
Action: failed
Status: 5.6.1
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;554 5.6.1 Body type not supported by Remote Host

I'm still not able to recieve mail. I tried this with and without opening submission.

With kind regards

till 2nd November 2011 11:15

You mean you sent a email from gmail to your server and it did not arrive? If port 25 is closed, you can not recieve emails from the internet as every external server will try to connect to your server on port 25. The submission port is only used as workarount to connect with a smtp client like thunderbird to your server directly and not for receiving external emails.

To run a full mail server that receives mails directly from the internet, you need port 25 to be open from the internet to your server.

Showa 2nd November 2011 14:53

No I could send mails using SquirrelMail and the mailboxes I created in ISPConfig to gmail but not to another e-mail adress. Then I got a message with the diagnostic code. I solved this problem by putting: smtp_never_send_ehlo=yes in

If I understand you correctly I am unable to use for instance or any other e-mailadress for my site if my ISP does block port 25.

Momentary when I use the same ISP from a different IP-adress, mail to is correctly redirected to the adresses I put in customrules. Using another ISP nothing happens. So this is due to blocking port 25?

Showa 10th November 2011 09:27

Still strugling with my e-mail. Never give up!

My ISP is offering a way to bypass the closed port 25.

According to them I have this in my MX and A records: MX 10 MX 20 A my ip-adress

So I changed the first (existing) MX record from mail priority 10 to priority 10

and added: priority 20

and put in as A record my ip-adress

Still no succes. Sending no problem receiving non.
Could this work, do I have to change something else in the settings, do I have to use mail instead of smpt?

With kind regards Ad.

falko 11th November 2011 12:52


Originally Posted by Showa (Post 267201)
According to them I have this in my MX and A records: MX 10 MX 20 A my ip-adress

I think you have forgotten the trailing dots in your records. They should be as follows:

Code: MX 10 MX 20 A my ip-adress

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