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Roxas93 24th October 2011 11:51

multiple sites on ISPConfig
I need to do two sites in the same server.
How can I configure ISPConfig to direct two domains on a single IP?

till 24th October 2011 11:53

You can run multiple websites on one IP. Just select the same IP in both websites.

Roxas93 24th October 2011 12:13

Do I have to edit some thing in the DNS page on ISPConfig?

till 24th October 2011 12:19

Both domains must have dns A-Records in the authoritive dns server that point to the IP address of your server. The authoritive dns server is most likely the dns server of your provider and not the ispconfig server, so if its the server of your provider, then you dont have to configure anything in the dns settings in ispconfig.

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