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MaddinXx 22nd October 2011 02:55

Multiserver Setup Debian - Jobqueue not working / DNS
Hi Till/Falko

First, thank you very much for your detailed email to my questions according single/multi server setup, and of course your great tutorials.

As everything is written in English here, I do the same.

Let me explain my situation first:

I have a server running Debian 6, IP (176.9.XX.75) with installed Proxmox (I followed their installation guide).
On this machine, I created 4 containers using the build in OpenVZ Wizard: (176.9.YYY.209 - Web- & DB-Server) (176.9.YYY.210 - Mail-Server) (176.9.YYY.211 - DNS-Server) (176.9.YYY.212 - DNS-Server)

(The IP's are in a different subnet than the host server.)

All of them have the setup from your tutorial, following it line for line.

Additionaly I added these DNS records using ISPConfig:


A        mail        0       
A        ns1        0       
A        ns2        0       
A        0       
A        web        0       
A        www        0       
MX        10       
NS        0       
NS        0

What is the problem now?
Base problem is, that pointing to the servers using their "domain" doesn't work. If I go to them using their IP, everything works as it should.

Also, the jobqueue in ISPConfig does show a lot of jobs which are opened, but they are not getting done. Base problem would be related to this, because the DNS records from above aren't written to the DNS server, would't it?

As I don't have much of knowledge (yeah yeah you know that, don't laugh now :)) I have no idea what could be the problem. Only thing I can guess is something with the network config?

Network config on host system:

Code: localhost
176.9.XX.75 Debian-60-squezze-64-minimal
and some IPv6 things


::1                localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
fe00::0                ip6-localnet
ff00::0                ip6-mcastprefix
ff02::1                ip6-allnodes
ff02::2                ip6-allrouters

# multiserver setup
176.9.YYY.212 localhost.localdomain localhost
# Auto-generated hostname. Please do not remove this comment.
176.9.YYY.209  web

Edit: Well now I am not even able to SSH the mail, ns1 and ns2 server, but they are up and running...

I thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me.

Kindly Regards,

MaddinXx 22nd October 2011 22:03


After searching through the forum I found a link pointing to an Proxmox thread where I got the solution for my problem. I had to change the IPTables line in OpenVZ config file on the host server. Now, all is fine. :)

OK after doing a fresh installation everything works great.

Next problem is:

I can only create firewall rules for the web serber. While activating it for the mail server it stops in the jobqeue.

Is there a reason for that and, is it necessairy to activate on all servers?

If not, how to I delete the pending jobs?

Kindly Regards,

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