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marko 18th October 2011 11:22

Email section
Hi all.
I am experiencing issue with Email section of ISPconfig.
All sections are working perfactly, Email section was working as well few hours ago as well. I did not do any changes in configuration.

Any suggestion how to wonder what is wrong?

Thank you in advance

till 18th October 2011 12:39

Just a guess, you have added a alias "mail" in apache somewhere to point to your webmail. Such a alias will prevent the email section from working as the folder of the email module is named "mail". Find the alias in your apache configuration and rename it to e.g. webmail.

marko 18th October 2011 12:48

yes this is that.

I fixed it by change alias to previouse name as was during installation of my roundcube with ispconfig.

Do you have Idea how to change webmail link without this issue?


till 18th October 2011 13:19

You can change the alias for the webmail app to any name except of names of real folders. So you can change it to e.g. webmail but not to the name "mail".

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