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LTxda 14th October 2011 21:50

rsync via ssh chroot?
Hi all, first post. :)

I'm wanting to enable backups utilizing rsync from a few systems on our network to the ISPConfig3 server. I would like the clients to access the server via ssh chroot and be locked down to their home folder and backup to a subfolder therein utilzing rsync. Is it possible with ISPConfig3?

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

falko 15th October 2011 13:13

You can set up SSH chroot jails with ISPConfig (using Jailkit). Under System > Server Config on the Jailkit tab, you can configure which apps (like rsync) are copied to the chroot jails.

LTxda 20th October 2011 06:37

Thank you very much for your help. With your response and a review of the manual I was able to determine the action to take. Rsync is already designated in the JailKit ini file so I just added "rsync" as an allowed app. I'll be testing the setup soon. Again, thank you.

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